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Bulk modification with copy/paste option

One of the key functionality in APIRunRun is the copy/paste, allowing you to apply the same modification to a batch of products.

Indeed, no need to modify the same information product by product, but only on one that you then copy/paste onto multiple others.

Let's take the example of 'publishing' all products present in the category 'Bakery'.

  • By selecting the category 'Bakery' we display products within.
  • In the column 'Status', I select 'publish' for the first product in the list.


  • I then select all the other products listed by clicking on the mass selection icon  on the toolbar.


  • With the mouse on 'publish' of the first product I just modified, I right click to display the popup menu and I select 'copy'.


  • I right click again in the same column and this time I select 'Paste...publish'.



This is it! The status of all selected products are now on 'publish', and it only took me a few seconds!

This 'copy/paste' option is applicable to all fields (except 'image'), so no more hesitation, apply modifications in bulk at lightning speed!

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