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Setting up Cross-Sells

Whenever a customer adds a product to his/her cart, you have the possibility to display some complementary products to boost your sales. This is called cross-selling (in WooCommerce terms).

Setting up cross-sells is ever so easy with APIRunRun for WooCommerce!


  • From the central column, first select the products you would like to display complementary products when the main article is in a cart.
  • Then open up the Cross_Sell panel from the Properties column, and tick the corresponding boxes in the 'Used on cross sell' column to associate them to the main product.


  • Do not hesitate to use the mass-association option   on the toolbar once you have selected the complementary products first.



  • You can of course associate complementary products to multiple products, by simply selecting them in the central column before ticking the boxes in the Cross-Sells panel.



  • Conversely, untick the boxes to dissociate complementary products to the main product, or use the mass-dissociation icon    on the toolbar once you have selected the products in the list.


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