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Adding the same image to multiple products

One of the key functionality of APIRunRun is to be able to apply one modification on a selection of products, reducing drastically the time spent on your catalog.

This option is applicable to image management whereby you can add an image (or more) to multiple products just by selecting these products before uploading the image(s).

For example, I want to add the same image to the 3 products present in 'Other breads' category. No need to do this 3 times!

But simply select these 3 products (manually or by clicking on the mass selection icon  on the toolbar) before hitting the Add icon in the Images panel.


You can then load the image that is automatically added to the 3 products previously selected.


In this example, we added one image to 3 products, but you can of course add 2 or even more images to more products, as long as you select these products before adding the image(s). The principle remains the same.

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