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Adding images to products in bulk

With the panel dedicated to image management, you are able to add one or more images to one or multiple products in just one manipulation!

  • Once you have selected the concerned product, display the Images panel in the Properties column and click on the add icon  on the toolbar.


  • The upload window opens up where you can either browse your computer to fetch the image file(s) or simply drag/drop them in the window.
  • And finally click on 'start upload' to add the image(s).


  • The first file loaded will be set as the default image for the product.
  • You can then add titles and alternative text on each image, by double clicking the corresponding cell to edit the field.


If you need to add the same image(s) to multiple products, please refer to the article below.

If you wish to modify the image positions, please refer to the article below.

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