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Enabling the stock management on dozens of products

If you need to enable the stock management on dozen or more products, no need to do the same manipulation on each product! Use one of APIRunRun for WooCommerce key functionality, the copy/paste option.


  • First display the concerned products in the central column
  • On the first product, enable the stock management by selecting 'yes' in the drop down menu in the corresponding column 'Manage Stock'


  • Still on the same product, right click on the 'yes' that you just choose, and select 'copy' in the popup menu



  • Then select all other products you need to enable the options onto: CTRL or CMD if on a Mac, or click on the 'Select All' icon  on the toolbar


  • Place your mouse on the 'Manage Stock' column, right click to display the popup menu and select 'paste...'



  • That's it! Stock management is now enabled on all products you previously selected, and this took only a few clicks



This 'copy/paste' option is applicable to all fields (except Image), so no more hesitation, apply modifications in bulk at lightning speed!I

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