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Moving or adding products to other categories

​APIRunRun allows you to move or add a product to a category by simple drag & drop.

The icon  located on the Products panel toolbar, is a switch that changes the behavior for dragging and dropping products from one category to another.

  • If the switch is on (colored background): dropping adds the product to the target category (the product is not duplicated, it is the same product which appears in two categories ; it just creates a relationship)
  • If the switch is off: dropping moves the product to the target category and it will no longer appear in the initial category

Following the principle of working in bulk, you can select multiple products before dragging/dropping them onto another category, to add or move them.

Note that there is another method you can use to add/move products using the Categories panel in the Properties column, where you can also remove products from categories. Please refer to the article below to find out more.

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