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Associer/dissocier les produits aux catégories

Associating, meaning adding products to categories, is very quick and simple with APIRunRun and its Categories panel located in the Properties column.

This panel shows your category structure as it is on your online shop (front office).

With the tickboxes in the 'Used' column, you can quickly associate or dissociate products to categories in seconds.

Of course, following one of APIRunRun's key features, the change can be applied to a selection of products, avoiding to do this product by product individually.


Let's take the example of products located in category 'Cakes' that I would like to add to category 'Cake Shop'.

I select all these products (manually or by clicking on the mass selection icon  on the toolbar) and open the Categories panel on the right handside.

I now just need to tick the box across 'Cake Shop' and I'm done. All selected products are now present in category 'Cake Shop'.


If you wish to add products to multiple categories, then tick all the corresponding boxes. But if the category structure is rather long, you can select the concerned categories (on a green background) and then hit the mass-association icon   on the toolbar. The boxes will be ticked for you.



Follow the same principle if you need to dissociate (remove) products off categories, but on the contrary untick the boxes or use the mass-dissocation icon  .

Please note that there is another way you can add or move products to categories: with a drag/drop action. Please refer to the article below to find out how.

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