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Category Management Options

A few options are available within the Category column for you to manage you category tree in a fast and simple manner: options are located on the toolbar as well as in a popup menu (right click).

The toolbar  

  • To refresh the category tree, click on 
  • Enable this option   to display products present in the selected category as well as in all sub-categories
  • To find out if the selected category is the default category of the products within it, enable this option  
  • Click on   to quickly create a new category
  • Click on   to create a new category using WooCommerce backoffice
  • Click on   to delete a category and products within it


The popup menu (right click) 


A few actions are available when right clicking on a category.

  • Expand: opens the structure of the selected category to display all sub-categories.
  • Collapse: closes the structure of the selected category to hide all sub-categories.
  • Sort: allows you to sort all sub-categories of the selected category alphabetically. This action does not affect the order displayed on your front office, this is only an internal option.
  • Edit in backoffice: opens the selected category in WooCommerce backoffice
  • See on shop: this is shortcut to view the selected category on your front office, avoiding unnecessary browsing though your categories on the front office.

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