APIRUNRUN for WooCommerce



About WooCommerce

What started in 2008 as three WordPress enthusiasts from different countries sharing ideas over email is now an international team of designers, developers, support ninjas and marketing people, catering for a passionate and constantly growing community of hundreds of thousands of users.

From humble beginnings selling a handful of commercial WordPress Themes they now offer a range of themes and plugins to extend WordPress experiences, including WooCommerce. Proudly bootstrapped and built around a firm belief in work-life balance they have big ambitions to become the ultimate WordPress toolkit provider.



The 3 column interface gives you an overall view of your catalog (categories, products and their properties). Dedicated views and panels to manage the data in a quick and simple way.


Filtering tools for
a specific display

All views and panels in the interface include a filtering tool available on all fields, allowing you to display exactly the information you need to work on.


Multi-selection to allow
bulk actions

You need to apply the same modification to dozens or hundreds of products? With the multi-selection functionality, select the concerned products and apply the modification once!

Create new categories quickly

A simple click on an icon allows you to add a new category to your store!

Drag/drop products onto other categories

In need of moving dozens of products onto other categories? Use the drag/drop functionality to easily place them in the required categories.

Add images to products in bulk

The interface includes a panel dedicated to managing images where you can add one or multiple images onto one or multiple products very quickly.

Write descriptions in a single panel

Center or modify products descriptions in a single panel, whether you write in plain or html text!

Apply modification in bulk with a copy/paste action

Enabling multiple products or even associating dozens of products to the same supplier for instance, has never been so simple. Save invaluable time with the copy/paste option to apply the same modification once in bulk.

Export product information
in a clic

The interface includes a ‘Quick Export’ option so that you can export the information displayed in the views of the interface onto a spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc).