Mise En Prod is the company that edits the APIRunRun solution which was released following two years of Research and Development. This innovation is based on our original Web app: Store Commander.

We support our new APIRunRun solution through tried and tested experience and the quality of a competent and very fast-acting team.

Our driving force: the satisfaction of our customers and partners.

How to register as a trainer?

It couldn’t be easier to join the APIRunRun Trainer Program!

Just click on the link below to create your account and add your students. It’s very quick!

What advantages are offered by the APIRunRun solution?

  • MASS MANAGEMENT of catalogues

  • MULTI-TECHNOLOGY, back-office management solution compatible with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify, Youtube

  • 100% WEB solution accessible everywhere on PC/MAC/IPAD

  • TRAITEMENT ULTRA-RAPID PROCESSING of alienating tasks (10X less time)



  • SUPPORT DELEGATED to APIRunRun for catalog management

Who is concerned?

Your current and future customers, from 100 to 1 million products, in France or around the world!

Your advantages for your

The site is online, mission accomplished, well done!

Thanks to our Partner Program, you can offer your customers greater satisfaction (and sell more!)

You offer APIRunRun to your customers?

Good idea! Your customers will also be able to increase their productivity and save a huge amount of time every day.

As a result, your customers develop their e-commerce at high speed

Better organisation of their work allows your customers to pass the e-commerce steps quicker. Result: they will be able to ask you for additional developments and marketing and communication actions that will increase your turnover. Cool!

Plenty of information in order to sell more

Use the many documents that we provide in order to facilitate the life of your customer managers: earn commission on your long-term customers, it’s truly profitable!

Be sure to always be a winner

Our partner program allows you to receive commission on all future orders from your customers: do not wait for them to order themselves!

Your advantages for your

Reduction in TimeToMarket

By using our powerful import/export tools, your customers will be able to post their site online quickly, and with the service being delivered faster, your agency will see its service paid earlier!

We take care of support!

The support aspect is not the most profitable part of your agency: delegate support for the use of catalogue management to us and let your developers focus on tasks that are more interesting and much more profitable.

You want commission? Here you are!

Collect commission on all your customers’ purchases for 2 years!

What does the Partner Program involve?

We offer our Partner Program members commission on subscriptions for 2 years.


  • On the sale of a SOLO licence = €29 excl. VAT x 20% x 24 months = €140

  • On the sale of a TEAM licence (e.g. for 4 users) = €49 excl. VAT + €98 excl. VAT [namely €49 for 2 users then €49/month per additional user] x 20% x 24 months = €706

And, even in the event of the subscription being modified by your customers, you continue to receive commission on sales for 2 years!

How to register as a trainer?

It couldn’t be easier to join the APIRunRun Trainer Program!

Just click on the link below to create your account and add your students. It’s very quick!

What is the working principle of the Partner Program?

You want to communicate with your newsletter’s subscribers: simply insert a tracked link in your e-mail and on your blog article in order to convert the people who click on these links into affiliates. (Your communications should not contain your discount voucher which is designed for you and which is for your own personal use).

  • 20% commission on sales excluding VAT for our SOLO and TEAM subscriptions

  • 30 days: you receive the requested payment 30 days after the last commission entered in your account, from receipt of your invoice (so as not to exceed the “30 days satisfied or refunded”) period that allows retailers to buy in complete confidence)

  • €100: request the payment of your commission as soon as the total exceeds €100

Offer APIRunRun? It’s easy, we take care of everything!

We provide our partners with many sales tools in order to support their efforts:

A partner space for consulting your payments

A dedicated space for obtaining your tracking codes and consulting your commission.

A complete communication kit (logos, fonts, banners, product documentation)

And also a commercial booklet designed for your customers. Free to be modified, you can easily include it in your sales offering.

NEW! Sales pitches to help sales force teams

We provide an instructive and practical file that brings together all the elements useful for staff in charge of sales to help them in their daily work.

NEW! Ask us for an interview, we will give you pride of place

We will be happy to give you pride of place among our customer interviews and more widely among APIRunRun users: a good way to make yourself stand out and communicate!

How to register as a trainer?

It couldn’t be easier to join the APIRunRun Trainer Program!

Just click on the link below to create your account and add your students. It’s very quick!

In short:

WANT TO JOIN the Partner Program?
Nothing could be easier!

  • Promote the productivity and profitability of your customers’ businesses

  • Count on a sales associate involved in your success on a daily basis

  • Benefit from practical marketing supports to make your sales easier

  • Increase your commission significantly

  • Delegate support to the Store Commander team!

Become a PARTNER