Security and Confidentiality

APIRUNRUN uses highly secured protocols and none of your nominative data is ever stored on our servers. Data confidentiality guaranteed!

The highest level of security

APIRUNRUN uses recognized internet security protocols: HTTPS for data exchange, token protection. Your banking information are not stored on our servers but with our provider STRIPE (internationally well known and PCI-DSS certified): the highest level of security!

Building your team and sharing information

APIRUNRUN allows you to manage your team as you wish: each member can have his own access! You can then organize your team efficiently providing each member with a specific access to the information required for his/her position.

A solution with a great pedigree

APIRUNRUN is not a new solution. It has been designed from Store Commander web application, specialized in PrestaShop since 2009, with more than 40 000 installations spread around 150 countries, and with an excellent reputation (98% customer satisfaction).