Save at least 10% on management costs!

APIRUNRUN brings a positive return on investment from the 1th month using our solutions! Financially accessible to all budgets, APIRUNRUN would save you at least 10% on management costs!

Saving at least a day per employee per month with APIRUNRUN

Cost of a monthly salary = 3000€ / 22 working days = minimum 136€ wasted a month ; for 4 employees 544€, from which we deduct 147€ the cost of a APIRUNRUN TEAM plan (4 users = 49€ HT X 3 + 1 user included) = 397€ back per month = 4764€ back per year!


Number of users:


Average cost of a monthly salary:


Monthly cost of APIRUNRUN:


Cost of a work day:


Savings per month:


Savings per year:


Increasing your productivity

APIRUNRUN allows you to manage your online site in bulk using connections such as APIRUNRUN for WooCommerce + WordPress + Youtube for example: You’d improve your productivity significantly!

Choosing a monthly or yearly billing

APIRUNRUN provides you with a billing system adapted to your business allowing budget flexibility and control.